Text-enabled toll-free numbers



Using TextPower’s new toll-free number texting feature (TFN) text messages sent to your members or customers will come from your toll-free number! Plus, they can text messages to your existing toll-free number. It's simple to setup, doesn't change the functionality of your existing TFN at all and costs far less than a dedicated short code (and only a bit more than a shared code).

What are the benefits?

  • Maintain a consistent identity across bills, collateral, billboards, etc., – just one number for calls and texts

  • Reduce call center costs by allowing customers to report outages or send questions via text message

  • Handle 10X the number of customers with the same staff (calls take so much more time than responding to a text)

  • Easily respond to billing questions, outage reports, emergencies

  • Avoid protracted customer support issues – no missed calls, voicemails or phone tag

Do we have to change anything about our phone number?

Not at all.  Continue using your existing phone toll-free number just as you always have.  Text-enabling the number allows you to continue using advertising, bill stuffers, promos and marketing materials that already advertise and promote your number. You can even prompt people to text when they call in and reach a recording, queue or IVR; just play a simple message saying: “Your call is important to us and will be answered in the order it was received. For faster service text your message to the same number you called.” Imagine all of your collateral or bills saying, “Call or text your outage to 888-555-1212”!

We don’t have an engineering team. Can we still use your service?

Yes. Toll-free number texting makes it easy for you to send and receive text messages using your toll-free number. You can use our web-based apps to send messages. We can even set it up so that incoming text messages are forwarded to a specified email address! No apps, no logins, no browsers or large screens required… any text message sent to your toll-free number will be relayed automatically to one or more toll-free numbers.

All right. You sold me on toll-free number texting. What’s the process now?

Step 1: Tell us which number you want to enable to receive and send text messages.
Step 2: Within one week TextPower will enable your chosen number to receive and send text messages.
Step 3: Start sending and receiving text messages from toll-free number!


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