Unique Service Helps Utilities With TCPA Compliance


Can you guess the most common reason why utilities are reluctant to send text messages to their members? It's not because of the cost or a concern that they might be intrusive. It's just the opposite, actually – Utility customers prefer text messaging to any other method of communication by 85%.  So why do most utilities avoid sending text messages to their customers? It's a fear of violating TCPA regulations. If you send a message to someone who doesn't want it, it's your responsibility. Utilities are understandably uncomfortable about this and need a solution. Luckily, our unique service helps utilities with TCPA compliance.In the past if a mobile number disconnected service and was reassigned to someone else you might still send a text message to it. If the original user of the number doesn't "opt-out" the sender won't know the number no longer  wants to get any more messages. Nonetheless the TCPA rules still apply, and this is considered a violation.Luckily for our customers, TextPower has developed a solution for that.

Our Unique Service Helps Utilities With TCPA Compliance

At no charge and without any requirement by government authorities, TextPower reviews roughly 50 million disconnected phone numbers EVERY MONTH.  We find any that match numbers in our system and remove them from all lists.Senders can't send messages to a previously disconnected number that has been reassigned. We virtually eliminate any violation of the TCPA laws. TextPower protects you, saves your company extra work, and gives you the confidence of sending messages without violating TCPA rules or incurring fines.So send messages with confidence – only with TextPower! Our unique service helps utilities with TCPA compliance because we believe in our customers and in the quality of our services. Watch a video "TCPA As Explained By The Leading Attorney In The Field."