About TextPower

TextPower, Inc. provides alerting and authentication solutions to a variety of industries worldwide using text messaging (SMS). The company’s software and text messaging services help companies enhance their revenues, decrease costs and improve customer service. TextPower’s authentication product, TextKey™, provides seven-factors of authentication to protect websites, VPNs and mobile apps. This makes it more secure than regular two-factor authentication (2FA) and replaces the smartphone app, hardware token or security fob previously needed to verify the identity of online users for password-protected applications. TextPower’s mission-critical infrastructure employs geo-redundancy for the industry’s highest reliability, providing delivery to virtually every cell phone in the United States and connections to most recognized wireless operators around the world.



TextPower, Inc., was formed by two veteran entrepreneurs with deep experience in the wireless industry. The company’s philosophy is different than most everyone else’s in the SMS industry – we believe that there is a significant role to be played in the connectivity between people and machines that provides updates, alerts, information and more via messages sent directly to a user’s phone triggered by an event or threshold being reached.


The two founders, Scott Goldman and Mark Nielsen, have both conceived, launched, built and sold businesses in the wireless, software and Internet industries since the 1980s.

In February 2009, the founders purchased the assets of a company that had been created to develop software specifically for the SMS industry by two AT&T Laboratories veterans. The platform and software library was significantly more robust and reliable than anything else available on the market. Most importantly, it offered an opportunity to move messaging into the “automatic to peer” (A2P) environment more smoothly and elegantly than anything previously available.

Combining the industrial-strength reliability of the platform and software with the imaginative approach of using the capabilities to help companies develop solutions instead of simply send messages to cell phones is the founding principle of TextPower, Inc.


TextPower’s mission-critical-grade infrastructure has many advantages over other “entertainment grade” text messaging companies. If your requirements demand reliable, time-sensitive, important or critical messages, or you need to integrate the sending and managing of messages with your enterprise software, TextPower should be your choice. We offer:


Complete geographic redundancy ensuring that even in the event of a major disaster your messages keep flowing.

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Through the combined use of industry standard short codes and our exclusive 10-Code™ technology, we can reach any phone in the U.S. that has the capability to send or receive a text message.


Our “throughput” rates are so fast that we have to throttle them back in order for the carriers to handle the flow. Our delivery rates are the fastest and our queues are the shortest in the industry.


No other company interprets error messages from carriers and makes secondary attempts to deliver your messages. Only TextPower has that ability.


Use our powerful APIs and SOAP interface to create specific, simple or highly complex applications easily. We become your outsourced messaging infrastructure that appears to be a part of your internal system.


Using our simplified international sending process you can send messages as easily to international destinations as you can to cellular phone users U.S.


Easily send automated alerts when something happens, providing users with information quickly and efficiently with no human interaction needed. Outages, updates, stock shortages, price changes, etc., can all easily trigger text messages to individuals or groups.


Other messaging service providers look up the carrier for each mobile number each time they send a message, adding complexity and cost. TextPower looks up every cell phone number just once and keeps it stored in our own database, adding speed and reducing cost to our customers.


TextPower specializes in helping customers work through unique or difficult applications and those with large volumes of messaging.




Scott Goldman

Cofounder & CEO

Innovator | Entrepreneur | Executive | Board Director | Author | Speaker | Cyclist

Scott Goldman is a dynamic entrepreneur and chief executive with the ability to translate complex concepts to non- technical audiences. Scott’s extensive industry experience includes wireless, Internet, cybersecurity and telecommunications. His areas of expertise include launching startups, managing sales, business expansion and growth strategy, product development and management, go-to-market strategy, M&A, cost management, venture capital and angel investing. Scott has been a Director on the Board of Mueller Industries (NYSE:MLI), a $2B manufacturing company with facilities around the world, for 10 years. He has served on the Audit, Compensation and Governance committees and is highly valued by the company for his expertise in technology, strategic planning and cybersecurity.

A proven industry thought leader, Scott is a prolific author. Some of his notable publications including What is the Cybersecurity Act of 2015? - boardprospects.com, New Patent Eliminates Passwords – Dark Reading, JP Morgan Chase – Another Week, Another Cyber Attack – Security InfoWatch and Don’t Use Passwords! – Security Daily. He has authored hundreds of other articles, many significant white papers and two books, “Ask the Wireless Wizard” and “The Cooper Report.”

Scott has been interviewed more than 500 times in various media including CNBC National Business Report, CNN Asia, NBC Nightly News, Fox News Morning Show. He has been quoted frequently in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week and other prominent publications.

An avid cyclist, Scott has ridden at least 6,000 miles/year for the last 18 consecutive years.

Mark Nielsen

Cofounder & Executive Chairman

Mark Nielsen is a 30-year veteran of the software and wireless industries and has run software companies for the past 25 years. He is the CEO of Wireless 21, Inc.; a consulting company focused on business development and advisory services to a wide range of technology companies. Mr. Nielsen is also on the Executive Committee of Tech Coast Angels, Southern California‘s largest angel investing network, and is an advisory board member for Frost Ventures Fund II as well as Ventana Capital. He is the past Mayor of San Juan Capistrano and a former City Council member, where he also served as a director of the City’s utility operation. During his tenure on the City Council, Nielsen also served as a director of the Orange County Fire Authority. He currently is Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Pacific Symphony.