Utilities of all sizes and locations around the country are using TextPower’s SmartAlerts™ system to keep customers informed about outages, payments, conservation and much more.


SmartAlerts™ is the only platform that’s fully integrated with most of the major service providers (Milsoft, Daffron, DataVoice, Siena Tech, CRC and others) allowing Utilities to send text messages automatically or manually using web-based applications.

It’s simple to setup and the lowest cost method of communicating with the customer base. It can be done automatically through an interface between the Utility’s outage management system (OMS) or billing provider and TextPower’s SmartAlerts™ system. Utilities set the criteria, and when something happens or reaches a predetermined threshold, alerts are automatically sent to a single cell phone or group of cell phones, advising them of the occurrence (outages, overdue bills, etc.).

Utilities can send messages manually through TextPower’s simple web-based apps or they can integrate their OMS or billing provider with TextPower’s systems using TextPower’s sophisticated SOAP interface (a form of computer-to-computer communication). Utilities benefit from reduced costs, improved customer service, significant reductions in consumption and improved customer satisfaction.

About TextPower

TextPower provides text messaging (SMS) solutions like toll-free number texting for mission-critical applications ranging from immediate communications with customers/staff to high security authentication of users. Our SmartAlerts™ platform provides utilities with tools to:

  • Allow 2-way text notifications of Outages from/to consumers

  • Notify consumers to curtail load in real-time with “Beat The Peak” alerts

  • Simplify Crew Call-outs with text so they get the message when they cannot answer a phone

  • Reduce costs and burden on call center or IVR when major outages occur

  • Improve collections with real-time disconnect notices via text

  • Integrate OMS and other systems with our MultiSpeak™ interface

  • Integrate text opt-in processes with your website using TextPower widgets


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Studies show that 80% of utility customers – of all demographics – prefer receiving outage and payment alerts via text instead of email or calls.



Outage Alerts, Updates and Notifications

  • Integrated with most major outage management systems (OMS) for automated functions

  • Easily integrated with trouble reporting systems for automated dispatch of field service personnel

  • Customers text “OUT” to report an outage and integrates with your OMS

  • Sends notifications to the mobile phones of those to be impacted by outages

  • Avoids outages while informing customers in real-time with notices of Stage 2 or Stage 3 Alerts and the need to curtail consumption

  • Allow customers to recharge prepaid meters via a text message

  • Automate notifications to prepaid customers of diminishing meter allowance


Perfect for Conservation and Beat the Peak Notifications

Do your customers want to know when to reduce their consumption in order to avoid big bills? Do you want to know how to avoid firing up a peaker plant to accommodate a spike in demand when it could have been avoided? TextPower’s Beat the Peak Alerts are a simple, fast and cost-effective way to deliver timely information to your customers when they need it.

We are extremely happy with the curtailment results we experienced using TextPower’s messaging services this past summer. We look forward to continuing the TextPower program in future years!

Scott Abraham, Northeast Power

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Communicate clearly, reduce dependency on two-way radios and make sure that messages get through 

Text messaging is an ideal way to contact field crews, emergency personnel and initiate truck rolls. Using TextPower’s AlertDispatcher™ it’s easy for your crews to get the message in noisy environments, avoids having to juggle equipment while in the midst of making a repair and is discrete, private and fast.



Need more reasons to use TextPower? 

Here are some more reasons why Utility companies should choose TextPower™

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Use text messaging as “small data packets” to remotely poll – and even control – sensors, meters, relays and more

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With real-time rating/surveys of customers via 2-way text messaging

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For customers via simple text from phone or webpage signup 24×7 without staff overhead


Utilities of all sizes, all around the country, are using TextPower’s SmartAlerts™ to help them communicate directly with their customers.