Forwarding Text Messages To Email Addresses


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Text messaging works in two directions: you can send an SMS to someone's phone or they can send it back to you.  That applies to the TextPower system, too.  Sending an alert or important notification to a large group of mobile numbers might generate some replies.  You might want to be able to see what your users send back.  The TextPower system allows you to invoke "text message forwarding" to make things easier.Our system allows you to see those messages in a number of ways.  First of all, we have a web-based application called "Communicator" especially designed for this purpose.  It was originally built with an application in mind similar to a radio call-in show.  The radio host or DJ would ask for requests to be called or sent in via text and if a message was received that the DJ wanted to reply back to, they could do that through the Communicator app.

You asked for a better method - we created text message forwarding

This works well but the app must be left open.  You'll also have to make sure it gets checked regularly (although there is an audible alert that can be setup in case you're just not watching it all the time).  Finally, you'd have to be at your computer. Our customers want an easier method so we've created one.  Now we can forward any incoming text message to one or more email addresses that you specify.  Say you send out a message saying "Our office is closed on Monday due to the holiday." Someone might reply back, "I've got an emergency - my power is out… who can I call?" Now that message can be forwarded to one or more email addresses.

Combine this with a text-enabled toll-free number for even more flexibility

Text message forwarding is incredibly useful when combined with another TextPower service: text-enabled landline or toll-free numbers.  Text-enabling your own phone number allows you to promote the service by putting "Call or text your outage information or comments to 800-555-1212" on printed materials.  You can even add it to the message that is heard when people call into your office.While the service works with our shared short codes users would have to remember to preface their message with your keyword so if your keyword is BCDE they'd send "BCDE my power is out. Can you help me?"  With your own number text-enabled the keyword becomes irrelevant because that number is yours alone.

Customers can text "My power is out. Can you help me?" and the message is going to be routed to your account automatically and will be forwarded to whatever email address(es) or mobile number(s) you have specified.

This is a great feature of the TextPower system. It provides an easy, simple way to know what your customers are saying in text messages without having to check any apps or web pages.  Their messages come right to your email InBox and you can distribute them by just forwarding the emails.if you have any questions about this "message forwarding" function just email us at or call 888.818.1808 x2.  (Of course, you can text your message to our main number, 818.222.8600.)

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